Saturday, March 01, 2008

I took Tonka and Soxy in to the fairgrounds today to get their blood drawn for coggins and health certificates. Got their lifetime brand inspections too. Wish I could supply my own pictures, theirs weren't very good. Very nice brand inspector too. I think she liked my Tonka.

Tonka was not very well behaved! Very skittish, worried, and dancy. The weather is terrible, very windy and cold, but it hadn't started raining yet at that point. Luckily Soxy was good, I had my daughter handling her. But when a kid ran by with helium balloons that was IT! They both spun and spooked. Tonka has never behaved like this when I've taken him places! I hope it doesn't become a new habit. He was very good for the blood draw though.

I also bought him a strangles vaccine to give later, but now wondering if I even should. It's a live vaccine and they will shed it. I was thinking I'd just keep him across the property from Bella, but then realized if he snots on me, or I step in some of the germs on the ground, I'll be taking it to her. So... Don't know if I'll be able to use that vaccine this year. Hmm... She was given the vaccine in July. I wonder if she'd still have immunity? I'd hate to have her get sick, or the baby get sick if it's born soon.

At the tack swap I sold my saddle and got my daughter a new one, with plenty left over for lessons! Yay! The people who bought my saddle really like it. Katia got a lightweight (and cheap) Abetta synthetic, so now she can saddle her own horse! What a wonderful thing. I can't wait to find out what else sold. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing a couple of my higher dollar things there. Hopefully they sold too!

Sorry to be so long winded. It was a fun filled day, and it's not even noon yet!

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