Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No baby news... She was totally out of character this morning. I put her hay outside (keep her out of the stall as much as possible in the day is my new tactic, less straw used that way) and she heard me mixing supplements in the barn, so she came back in. I went around outside to put the grain with her hay and she came out running and bucking! Bucked right up to me, snaking her neck around and tossing her head, as if to say, "Drop the grain and get outta here lady!" I hissed at her and waved my arm and she ran off a few feet (I think normally this would scare her a lot more, I've never had to do that to her), then she came back respectfully. Totally unlike her. Not the respectful part, but the energetic, disrespectful part. But then, she's under a lot of stress lately...

Tonka got a new place to live yesterday. He's been in horrible mud for a while, with just a windbreak for shelter, since Bella is taking up both stalls. I had to string new electric to run a temporary fence out by the mustang pen. Now he has a nice grassy paddock with the mustang pen as shelter. I thought he might refuse to go under the roof because it's kind of an enclosed space, but I could see that he had been in and out of there in the night.

I washed his tail before I moved him, because it had terrible mudballs at the bottom that clacked together when he walked. He wasn't too fond of the washing process. The water wasn't an issue, but every time I pulled the hose to get in a better position he'd jump a bit. I sprayed some conditioner in his tail afterward, and thought about braiding it and keeping it up so it would stay clean, but I don't want it getting any longer. I'd have to cut it so he wouldn't step on it and I don't know how to do that without it looking unnatural. Besides, he's on grass now, not too much mud, so hopefully it will stay pretty clean.

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