Monday, March 24, 2008

Okay, this isn't fun anymore. I'm tired. To the point where I might miss it simply because I can't wake up or I'm too tired to care anymore. I think Bella's not having fun either. She spent another long period laying down last night. I sat in the next stall and read for a little while, just to make sure she was only sleeping and not in labor. She looked totally worn down. Poor kid.

I mentioned the other day how she'd gone slab-sided, meaning we were in the last stretch. Well, she had. Last night she was back to her pendulous wide belly. I don't like taking backward steps!

Here are some fun pics from the other day. She cracks me up. She's an adventurer. Unlike Tonka who I have to constantly remind to walk beside me, she just plows on ahead, ready to take in the new sights. Lately I've kind of compromised. About half the time I just hurry to keep up, and about half the time I make her go my pace. I want her outings to be fun relief from her boring stall and small, extremely muddy pen. And I don't want to stress her out and get her doing any fancy footwork. She's been unsteady on her hind legs, almost falling down a few times. (Which leads me to another worry, what if her young body is not going to pass this baby easily? What if that's why all the false alarms? I know, shut up already and quit worrying...)

Here I decided to take a chance on putting her lead rope over her back and walking away to take a picture of her hiney. Well, she decided that gave her the freedom to go be a moose in the ditch.

Here she's displaying her non-round, slab-sidedness. It's shocking really, since she's been comically wide for so long. And she's being a moose in the ditch.
Here we see that she isn't too worried about hoses. She needs to talk to Tonka about that.

Again, a happy exploring moose-horse. I'm glad she likes the water so much. Can't wait to take her somewhere with clear flowing water and see if it makes a difference whether there's grass in the water.
Another picture of her trim belly. Now sadly not so trim. Ugh.My plans for the day: SLEEP. and SLEEP some more. Then I think I'll follow that with some SLEEP. I might take care of my kids a bit too.

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