Sunday, March 23, 2008

Poor Bella. She's pretty miserable right now. Side biting, face rubbing, lyinging down, getting up, turning in a circle... I got some sleep earlier but around 2 or 3:00 I went to check on her, and I've tried to stay up since then. Mostly... I finally dedided to get up and make some coffee.

She went slab-sided yesterday, which is supposed to mean the baby is in the birth canal and we're in the last few hours. We shall see... It is looking promising for an Easter baby.

Wow, I just got all tingly. "Sunday's child is full of Grace." I woke up one morning with the name Gracie in my head, no dream to attach it to. Then last week as I was telling my sister that I don't have a name picked out, two gorgeous swans landed in the pasture. I was thinking what do swans signify? First thing that came to mind was grace. This was long after the morning of the name, so I don't think it was still in my head to make me think of that... Swans have all sorts of other cool symbology too. But that's just too much to be coincidence. So maybe this is a filly. If it's a colt I don't know what it all means...

She disappeared into the one corner of the stall I can't see her in... Wonder what she's doing... Luckily she's never laid down over there. Oh, she's back. Oh, poor thing, she is so unhappy! Pacing and shaking and yawning and stretching, pinning her ears at her belly. Dang it, she disappeared again, this time she's been gone a while. Wonder if she's lying flat and I can't see her... I don't know whether to go check her or not. I don't want to disturb her if nothing's happening...

I'm going to go ahead and publish this and head out there, I think... Unless she appears within the next couple minutes. Wish for a healthy baby for us! Hopefully I won't have to disappoint you with news of no baby later.

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