Monday, March 31, 2008

So I'm pretty sure Bella has the "waxy wax" that Doris has commented on here. Yay! I don't put any stock in it meaning she'll actually have the baby this year, but we'll see. :) Seriously though, she's not showing any other signs just yet. Maybe she's waiting until past midnight to have it on April Fool's Day. That would be doubly cool, because that's one of my favorite horse's birthdays. He'll be 30 this year, the wonderful old man. I need to remember to take him some treats and give him a good grooming. He doesn't shed too well, and loves to be curried this time of year.

Here's the April Fool's birthday boy, a wonderful, wonderful horse:
Coda AKA George AKA Skipper's Gold Rush
(George, of all names, for such a horse! Absurd!)

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