Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well, it seems that Bella has put the brakes on whatever it was she was doing the past 3-4 days. I don't expect a baby tonight, although an equinox/full moon baby would have been very cool.

Maybe I should take that back, I just looked out the window and she's most definitely uncomfortable, looking at her belly and throwing her head up in the air, not eating. Wouldn't be surprised if she has it tonight, since I didn't bed the stall as heavily as I should have. I'm almost out of straw and didn't have the truck to get more today. Should have dirtied the trunk of the car... I do have enough to throw in there and make it nice if need be.

Either way, I'll be here, watching... I'm not sleeping in the barn after that first night. I'm sleeping with Liam in his room and I can see out the window into her stall. Nice and warm. I still have to go out about 4 times a night when she disappears for long periods of time, lying down. But at least I'm warm the rest of the time.

I was thinking I should apologize for being so baby-obsessed, then write about some training thing or non-baby related mustang news. But there's really no news here. I clean the stall, take care of the mare, and just feed the rest of them. Had to cancel my riding lesson this week. So I really have nothing interesting to tell you. Hope you don't mind too much the baby-obsession. Because it's likely to continue until well after the baby has arrived. Oh, can you imagine? The long spindly legs, the tickly whiskers, the soft sweetness... Babies are so cool. And this one I won't have to stay up with in the night, because I'm not the mama! No diapers either. Can't get much better than that.

Well, now Bella is just standing there, doing nothing. Either dozing or contemplating her navel. With that, I am off to bed. Happy Equinox!

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Christy said...

Nope, stay with the baby obsession! I've been checking your site about 12 times a day. I need to know all things baby!!!

Hang in there!