Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am hurting! For a good cause though. I rode at my lesson yesterday and then rode Tonka for a good while today and now I'm SORE. We had a fun ride, trotting around. I should work on taking him up and down our big hills, I'd like to get him in better shape. I need to groom him every day and try to ride every day for the next week, we're going to a mustang adoption in Odessa Washington next week. Going to do some trail riding and hang out and talk to prospective adopters.

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to write about that. Let me shout it out:

Wild Horse Adoption
April 26-27, 2008
Lakeview Ranch
10498 Lakeview Ranch Loop North
Odessa, Washington

20 horses available for adoption
They currently have Murderer's Creek, Jackie's Butte and Beaty's Butte herds in the corrals (unless I'm mistaken), so I expect they'll have some of each, and who knows, maybe a kiger or two.

For more information call 866-4MUSTANGS or go to
(You'll find photos and a daily schedule there.)

On another note, there's a gorgeous Warm Springs mustang for sale just a few miles from me. I was going to tempt you with pictures, but I can't upload them right now for some reason. He's about 12 years old, dun, broke but needs more consistent attention. I'd buy him for me if I didn't have Tonka. He was really nice. $900 OBO. Contact me if you want more info. I'll post a picture later.

Scout's ointment application is going a lot better. I think he's getting used to it and it's hurting less because it's healing. It makes a big difference when John holds him for me, but he wasn't too bad when I had to do it by myself this afternoon. Oh, and I should clarify that I didn't use a Q-tip on him, that was just the vet when he was looking for any debris in there. I just put the ointment under his eyelid with my finger.

Bella was being a total sweetheart today. I trimmed her front hooves and then she just stood with her nose in my hands. She's a good horse for those tender moments. Not so good at being caught out of the pasture yet though. She's funny. She'll run around the pasture a few times, then run in to the smaller pen and let me catch her. I don't think she understands that I actually want to catch her out in the pasture.

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