Friday, April 11, 2008

I am totally exhausted! What a day. I got a lot done, but not everything I had hoped. The story of my life, there's always more to do! Thank goodness for tomorrows.

Tonka and I had another good ride today. I tried my dad's heavy roping saddle on him. Tonka didn't like it at all. It's really dry and creaky (going to have to clean and condition it, too long in storage) and Tonka's still not too thrilled about putting the saddle on anyway. So he was antsy when I put it on. Then he had to do a lot of work, because I asked him to move off to get the feel of the saddle, and as he did he kicked out at me! He worked up a good sweat and learned some voice commands in the process. I hopped on and wow, that is a WIDE saddle. A lot of leather between me and my horse. It was a lot different from my saddles, made me feel like it was harder to communicate, but strangely enough he was a lot more responsive today. Probably nothing to do with the saddle, but maybe... It does fit better. Anyway, we just did more of the same. Turn, stop, back, sidepass, pivot. Oh, another thing I changed - I lengthened his bridle. I swear his head is growing a lot. Actually it's probably just the difference between this new bit and the old one. It made him happier. I think it may still be too snug. And it's on the biggest adjustment. This is my nice bridle! I don't want to have to give it to one of the other horses! But since he seemed okay with it maybe it's not an issue.

Now I feel like I've been babbling about very uninteresting stuff. I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is Dump Day! Hooray!

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