Friday, April 04, 2008

I didn't get any really good pictures today, had to do some more mundane stuff like buy groceries and do some housework. But I did get a picture of him in his clean jammies tonight. It's rather windy and it's snowing. Yuck. I'll be happy when I don't have to dress him anymore.

I know, Bella is pretty dirty... Plus she got a bit of a scrape along her side one day before the baby was here. She'd kind of rearranged a panel and then tried to squeeze through a spot that wasn't quite wide enough for her. I have been grooming her a bit, but most of my time with them is spent handling Scout and giving Bella scratches in all the best places to remind her that I'm not a monster. She gets upset when I hold her baby, so I want to make sure to arrive and leave on a good note with her.

That baby! I must admit, I was worried after handling him last night. He violently reacted to being held and rubbed. It took quite a while for him to calm down, and I really felt bad for putting him through it. I came in the house last night discouraged and worried.

Today was much better though. I caught him during the day and checked his umbilical stump for any signs of infection, then rubbed him all over. He learned to give to pressure at the poll rather than exploding upward. He really doesn't like having his nose handled, but we made progress there too. Tonight when I caught him, checked the stump, changed his blanket and rubbed him he was MUCH better. Not perfect, but he didn't hurt me and he's learning not to push or lean or try to bolt. His head still bears watching, he did catch me in the jaw and teeth today. We even had some really tender moments just checking each other out. I got to kiss his little nose, and I found a spot he actually liked being scratched. Wonderful progress!

I'm really watching those knees, waiting for them to straighten out. I know a lot of babies are born a lot more crooked than he is and they grow out of it. I'm sure he will too, but I will feel a lot better when those legs straighten out. I don't know how long that usually takes.

All in all, a great day! I'm sure enjoying them, especially when they get frisky and run and buck all over the place.

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