Thursday, April 03, 2008

It turns out that while they were there he showed no signs of a problem at all. I know I didn't imagine it, so I think the stress of it all may have gotten his bowels moving. Or maybe they would have been fine on their own. I don't know, but I am happy he is fine.

Here's a picture through the front side of their stall.
And a kind of blurry one in the stall. There's a window on the left hand side where the students sit, and I guess he kept pressing his lips up against the glass, and both of them were enjoying people watching. I think everyone there liked him. But what's not to like? Although he did give them a fight the second time they pulled blood.

Here we are at home. I think he's feeling better. I also think poor Bella is going to be a tired mama!

"Speed. I am Speed"

And of course I had to get a cute face shot. None of these pictures do him justice, he's just the cutest thing!

I'm fairly certain I have him named. Just have to make sure the kids don't completely hate it.


Callie said...

He is so cute, love the chrome! Glad he's pooping! See? the prayers helped!

DaMomma said...

He's BEAUTIFUL! Welcome to the world, Scout!