Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I finally got time to go out and play with the camera. Nothing I absolutely have to do today, it's nice. I also got some woodworking started, going to make a bridge. Liam was helping and he gave me a dandelion for my hair. I felt pretty, with my power tools and my flower.

Mack's a wannabe mustang, hanging in the mustang pen:
(Actually he's a pansy, and feels he has to be inside if it's too warm or too cold.)

My sweet boy:

These next two would have been WONDERFUL if it wasn't for that fly mask:
The fly mask didn't help keep his eye from watering.
The vet's coming out this afternoon to re-check the eye.
He won't geld him for me yet though... Well, he said he would, but was worried about anesthesia this young. I deferred to his greater knowledge.

He's such a substantial little guy! And I love his way of carrying himself.

All kids gotta make faces at the camera at some point or other:

I really like this picture, with the cows, the alert mama, and the little fart:

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Pony Girl said...

What a hambone that little Scout is! Oh boy, he is filling out very nice, he's going to be quite the handsome lad when he is grows up!
Sounds like you had fun on the poker ride! I haven't been on the trail in a while...missing it greatly!