Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wow, for being unmotivated I've sure gotten a lot done today. I have 6 things crossed off my to-do list, and only two more to do. Well, I still need to do some things that aren't on the list, but that's what kids are for right? Slave labor, I love it.

Both dogs went in today for bordatella vaccines since we'll be leaving them at a kennel for a while. It was a fun trip. I had 3 kids, myself, one very large dog, and one medium sized dog all crammed into the truck. And to make matters worse, the littler dog, India, had just had a nice poop snack, and kept belching. Yes, she's a poop eater. And this isn't innocent and mostly clean horse poop, this is nasty dog poop. I knew her burps were bad, but it's a whole new level of bad when you're stuck in close quarters with the stench.

They were both very well behaved, and of course Angus was much admired. He's a big, handsome boy. But the vet was also quite pleased with India's docile manner. Not that Angus wasn't also pretty docile, but he was a little scared and didn't like getting the stuff in his nose, so he struggled slightly. India has gained some weight, 40 pounds now, but I don't think it's an unhealthy amount of fat. Angus has lost some weight and is now 110lbs, but still has a small amount of pudge. He's not too fat though, they weren't worried about it.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with Dog stuff.

On to the horses... Not much to report. I sacked Scout out again with the saddle blanket, and he was a good boy. He watched Tonka get sacked out too, so I don't know if that helped or if it was all the "soak" time he got, but he wasn't terribly worried about it.

Tonka got to do a little bit of despooking work and lunging, but it was getting dark so I didn't get to ride. I AM going to ride today though!

But first, on to those two things left on my to-do list. Scrubbing and moving and filling troughs, and putting up temporary fence to keep the horses off most of the pasture but still give them some room to run around. It's the end of grass season, darn it.

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