Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We had a blast yesterday! Went kayaking across Captain Cook bay which I think is actually called Kealakukua but I'm not sure. We saw dolphins on the way there, circling around and coming up to breathe while they slept, with a few jumping and spinning around the edges of the group. Then we went snorkeling, saw lots of good stuff, and then on the way back more of the dolphins were awake and were showing off big-time! I really wished I had my camera with its quick action to catch them jumping, but it's not water proof so it was back in the car. My mom got that first picture though, which shows us in our kayaks with a dolphin fin right next to us.
Liam lost his first tooth! We were snorkeling and he didn't even drop it. But then John put it in someone's shorts pocket and it didn't make it home. I didn't tell Liam that though. He was really excited when he woke up and found his tooth fairy money.

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