Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I just came in from a beautiful little ride on my Tonka. I forgot how much fun it can be when he's relaxed and in a working frame of mind. When I took him out into the fields I had to work to turn him back toward home. He really wanted to see what was over the next hill, so I gave in and took him that way. After he'd gotten his look we headed back with just a few little hints from him that he'd rather keep exploring.

Scout was having a fit, I thought he was going to get stuck in the gate. I'm going to have to wean him from Tonka if I want to have any fun. I had to get down as we rode by just in case Scout did get stuck and all hell broke loose. But nothing happened. I almost put Tonka in with old Soxy, but now I'm glad I didn't because it turns out I can't go trail riding early in the morning like I had planned.

I tried the Orthoflex saddle today. It's really different. I think Tonka liked it, just judging by his willingness today. It was weird when we trotted and the springs in the stirrups came into play. I had no idea what that weird feeling was, thought maybe it was Tonka starting to get twitchy and think about bucking, but after I stopped I realized what it was. The saddle wasn't totally comfy for me, but nothing major to complain about. I think if your rode in it a lot you'd have to either get some tall English boots or half chaps to protect your calves when you ride. I loved the fit though, and the idea that it should fit most any horse. I'm definitely going to ride in it again, on another day when I can use both saddles and see which he seems to like better.

I'm going to go trail riding with a friend this week. Was hoping to go tomorrow but she has some sheep to wrestle so we're going on Thursday. I can't wait. I'll make sure to take the camera.

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