Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scout learned to lunge yesterday. He's got his walk, trot, and whoa down pretty well. He leans on the halter a bit. I need to make him a new rope halter, all I have now that fits him is the purple nylon web halter, which is too easy to lean on.

He also crossed the bridge several times. The last time I worked him on the other side of it and he was all too happy to cross it again, thinking he might be done if he did. And it was time to quit. So we went to the apple tree for a treat and I put him up.

I got some cheap half chaps in the mail yesterday, so I can finally try out Arlene's Orthoflex saddle some more. I'm going to do my best to find time for that today.

Other than that I'll be painting, caulking, and maybe pulling up some fence posts that I forgot about that're in the excavator's way. I think he can probably just dig them out with the dirt, but I feel like a jerk for forgetting about them...

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