Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bella's first ride! Woo hoo!Yeah, I know, I wasn't supposed to ride her yet, but that was only because my vet was worried she would bolt or buck and hurt herself. So I used my own good judgment to override him. I knew she wouldn't do that or I wouldn't have gotten on! Well, maybe my motivation was a large part impatience. And now it's even worse! Because I want to ride her more, really get her going in her training, and I can't! I guess it's just more motivation to get her extra weight off and try to get that tendon to heal. I wish I had Scout weaned. I can't take her for long walks with him freaking out. Although I must say he did pretty well with me taking his mama away today. Granted, they were only about 40 feet from each other, but still. Eventually, after he'd forgotten to be worried and was off playing with Tonka, I took Bella all the way down by the house and he didn't even realize it until after Bella'd had her apples and we were headed back.

Her Just Rewards:

Behaving like an ol' broke pony:


Pony Girl said...

Very cool! Bella looks so lovely. I love that saddle pad you have on her, the colors are brilliant on her sorrel coat! Where'd you get it?

Andrea said...

I got it on eBay from a dealer in Montana. I can't find them on there anymore. If you google 8 pound wool saddle blanket you'll find some that are nice and thick like this one. Or if you look on eBay just for wool saddle blankets, there are soooo many colors.