Monday, October 27, 2008

Um. Well. He followed me home? That won't really work if I picked him up and brought him home in the truck, will it?This dog showed up at my sister's house last night. He wouldn't leave. She already has 3 dogs. One they just got, a roly-poly little puppy. One of her kids wanted to give the puppy back and keep this dog. They really liked him and they started calling him Toby. But like I said, she is full up on dogs. She was going to take him to the Humane Society. Which I'm sure would be fine, he'd definitely get adopted, he's so sweet and cute. Besides, they're a no-kill shelter.

I went over to see him. I didn't like the way his skin looked so I called the vet and they said they'd do a free wellness check. They found a microchip! Ooh, yay, I thought I might be off the hook (although he's in such rough shape I wasn't sure he deserved to go back where he came from).

"Dog? No, no dog. We no dog." The people dumped him and then claimed he wasn't theirs! Ugh. Well, he deserves better anyway. The lady at the Humane Society said that actually happens a lot.

The microchip lists him as 12 months old, but the vet said more like 3-5 years old based on his tartar. But this was a very young, brand new vet, and couldn't his tartar be worse if he's fed bad food or just not fed right? I'm going to call him a year old. Maybe his birthday can be on Halloween. Like my precious Harpo who died 7 years ago. Oh crap, I just gave him a birthday. I think this means I'm attached. John isn't going to be pleased.

He has a big heart, see?
I think he's an English Pointer. Maybe a mix. Any breed experts out there?

The vet thought his skin is probably inflammed due to allergies and filth (he was extremely oily and dirty). I was worried about nematodes or mites or something, so that sounded good to me. He's underweight, but not emaciated. He's a little banged up in places and has a little limp, but all of that should heal. His collar was on pretty tight and his neck was a little raw, so I wonder if he's been kept tied up. Poor thing.

Here he is meeting Angus and India. India is there, behind the big guy, but you can barely see her. I think they're going to get along fine.
Can you tell I'm falling in love with this dog?


Kara said...

He's very cute. He looks like he might have some hound in him...maybe beagle. Are you going to keep him?

Linda Reznicek said...

Maybe some lab, too. Ha ha. Cutie pie. Believe me, I know how it is--and you can never have enough puppies. :):) I'd go with the age the microchip lists--I'm sure it's more accurate. He found his home--lucky guy.

Lady Of Chaos said...

I have no idea what he is, but he's one lucky pup to have found you...

I think you're stuck with him. :)

arlene said...

You have a big heart just like he does!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely dog! lucky you and him!