Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We had a very nice little ride out from my sister's house today. I rode in the dressage saddle and determined that it is not a good fit. Too wide. Oh well. I do like the saddle a lot, but it would have been a little impractical.

Her new little mare is doing well. Still has some odd quirks like lip flapping, staring off to the left, trying to hurry home, but nothing dangerous by any means.

We took her two dogs and Toby with us. I wasn't going to take Toby but my sister talked me into it. He doesn't know his name and doesn't come when you call him. I'll have to work on that with some irresistible treats if we keep him. Luckily he has a natural need to stay with us. It went pretty well, overall.

Tonka really mellowed out about the dogs this time, but I'm sure it helped that they stayed ahead of us most of the ride. He also crossed 3 bridges, one concrete and two wood, and didn't even hesitate on the third one.

No pictures. I did take my camera but the battery was dead. Nowhere to carry it with the English saddle anyway...

I'm going riding out at Melissa's tomorrow. I've got the battery on the charger. :)

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