Saturday, November 29, 2008

I just thought I'd check in and let everyone know that nothing has changed here. It's all become so boring and regular, and I haven't got much to write about.

The weather has been awful and the ground is so saturated that the horse areas are muddy even in places where the ground usually stays fairly solid. I'm glad that they at least have their dry stalls to go into. I cleaned the stalls today and had fun hanging out with the horses. Cisco and Bella don't like each other, they make seriously nasty faces at each other over the panels. He's nice to Scout though. Scout got a hold of my broom at one point and was flailing it around and Cisco really wanted to play too, it was cute. Later I left it where Cisco could get to it and he pulled the top off of the handle trying to pull it through to his side. I think I may have some great entertainment someday when all the boys are pastured together. I might have to get them some toys.

Tonka wasn't as accomodating about having his warm compress done tonight. He was just a little fidgety. It seemed like it might not be draining as nicely either. I might have to really work at the scab with a scrubby rag tomorrow. Ouch. I keep complaining about having to do all this but tonight I realized I should be glad I'm not him. All alone except for two visits a day that include doctoring that is probably at least a little unpleasant. And the abscess probably hurts all the time. Poor guy.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to write about. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get something done with a horse or two so I'll have something to tell you about.


Kara said...

Hi Andrea, have you tried any products on his abscess? When I was in WI, the vet gave me this paste called "Magna-poultice". It is supposed to help draw out infection and aid in dissolving sprain/strains/bruises/abscesses. It is a minty warming paste consisting of epsom salts and aspirin. When I put it on after flushing Chico's abscess (apply all around the infected area) it really did cause a lot of drainage (the vet said to expect it to get nasty looking). Plus I imagine the aspirin helps reduce inflammation.

Andrea said...

I've been using a homemade epsom salts compress. It is draining, just wasn't as actively draining last night. It's much smaller. I'm getting impatient though, I'm tired of doing this...