Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I rode Cisco this afternoon. I think we may have finally gotten the dud we were looking for. He was good boy. Very mellow. I wasn't sure what kind of bit to use on him, but since I usually ride everyone else in a snaffle I just rode him in that. He was great. He carries the bit nicely and sets his head and everything.

So far, so good!


arlene said...

He's a lovely big boy. I bet his people came from draft stock years ago. Congratulations on your new mustang.

Tracey said...

He's still too cute! I love those big comfy couches with legs :)

Linda Reznicek said...

Congratulations! He is a big boy!! And, he's all ready for a ride. Who trained him?

Lady Of Chaos said...

Man now I'm really going to have trouble telling all those horses apart! You now have a whole herd of chestnuts, well one old grey lady, but all chestnut mustangs.

I'll have to look really carefully to check and see who's who in all your pics from now on.

I'm glad you like him! He looks like a nice big comfy horse for all those not quite so horsey husbands. I hope he continues to work out great!