Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

This is what I've been up to the last few days, on and off:

Making a mess in the living room. I took the Christmas tree down and decided to take advantage of the empty space by putting saddles there while I clean and condition them. Then I'm going to put them in the attic. The atmosphere is just too damp out in the tack shed.

I got this saddle cleaned today. This is the one that fits Tonka best. It's my dad's. A great old saddle, and still in really good condition. As you can see I didn't clean the arena sand off the stirrups. I figure they'll just get dirty again anyway.

Here's the Fred Hook next to my dad's saddle.

You can see that the seats are very different in width, or "twist." I prefer a narrower twist. My dad's saddle really hurt my hips, but I started to get used to it. The other thing I like about a narrow twist is that it feels more secure. But I think my dad's saddle is better looking. It just looks like a well made using saddle.

In the background of the above picture you can barely see a guitar case with the Epiphone emblem on it. My dad gave me that guitar a year or two ago. It's a Chet Atkins guitar signed by Dave Matthews. (Is that cool or what?) It has the nylon strings and neck of a classical guitar, which is what I prefer (I really don't like to play anything else), but this one is a plug-in type. Pretty nice. He gave us a nice guitar stand for Christmas so we can keep a guitar handy to plunk around on when the mood strikes. I think I'll make time to play a bit tonight.

So... Well... I guess that's all I really have to go on about today. Weather is awful, stuck inside, cleaning leather, washing cinches, trying to get out of doing dishes. Can't complain, it could certainly be worse!


froglander said...

There is just something nice about the smell of leather. Good crummy weather activity. Hmm, I should clean my old bridle....

Weather like this I envy this gal I work with on occasion. She and her husband recently finished building their new house. Only, the house is connected to the covered arena which is connected to the stalls. So in all this yucky weather, she didn't even have to step outside!

gtyyup said...

Yes, the narrow seat is what I love about my saddle...I couldn't find a store-bought one that would fit my narrow hips.

Comfort outweighs looks!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

At least you found something productive to do today. I did just about nothing. Didn't even get dressed.My jammies are comfortable and warm. Maybe I will have Bob bring saddles in tomorrow. You gave me a productive good idea. Thanks.

Linda Reznicek said...

Oh, I was soooooo lazy today, I'm embarassed at myself! But you rock!!! Those saddles look great!!! I might bring mine in---the work might help me keep my marbles. Sheesh--wish this snow would let up!!

I'm impressed you play the guitar. My son does too, and he paints them--his art on the guitar, that is. He's painting one for me right now and I'm going to try to learn some chords. He tried to get an older Alvarez, but it sold--not sure what he ended up with. I'll just be surprised.