Friday, January 16, 2009

I had company on my ride today! Boy, let me tell you, that makes it so much more fun. I feel spoiled lately, first Kara came to ride with me, and now Melissa and John.

John's first ride down the road with Cisco.
(It went GREAT)

Melissa taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. :)
(With some dialog going on between the boy horses)

Here's the pretty treed area where we saw the moose the other day.
Notice Tonka looking for boogey men and the BIG prints in the snow to his left.
There actually were some deer there that he was looking at. He got kinda scared but nothing too bad. He's never been afraid of deer before, that moose really bothered him I guess.

He had tried a spin and bolt earlier, when my reins were a bit long, but I got him gathered up. Not sure what he saw, think it was a bird.

Cisco had fun digging in this ice. Silly boy.
What a good ride. Other than the COLD! The morning was gloriously sunny and not too cold, but then this fog rolled in and the temperature dropped. We almost decided not to go, but I'm glad we didn't.

Cisco was so good, and I'm so glad we have him! Finally a good fit for John. Melissa told me she wants first dibs on him if we decide we don't want him. There's no compliment better than that!

I'm off to read blogs. Seems a bunch of my blogger buddies were busy while I wasn't looking!


gtyyup said...

Nice ride!!! Well, I would think that a moose would leave a lasting impression on a horse if they'd never seen one before. In fact, it would leave a lasting impression on me...I've never seen one in real life!!

You're right, that is one of the finest compliments you can get on your horse~~

Kara said...

That's great! I'm glad it went so well! Let me know anytime you want company. I'm up for it.

froglander said...

I was on a trail ride and ran into someone with a llama once. Taffy spun around and took off so quick I ended up on the ground.... Always fun to go for a ride with friends :) Stop by my blog, I've got a little something for you :)

PalyReiner said...

I'm jealous-I wish it was nice enough here to take a winter trail ride! I absolutely love those pictures!

Check out my mustang blog, I've got a little award for you.