Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just playin' around:

Tonka and I had another good ride yesterday. He wasn't as sure of himself, but he did well, and we went a little farther. I made him stop on the way back to take a picture and he was not pleased, so we had a little lesson in patience. Then we continued home.

Here's the picture I took:
And there's a lot more junk there too. Good place for a spooky horse to learn a little self control. Actually, he got over being worried about this place a long time back. But when their garbage is in the road it sometimes scares him.

I turned them out when I got home and took a bunch of pictures, but I won't post too many. Suffice to say they were having fun rolling and pestering each other while the other horse was down.
You have to click on this next one and check out Tonka's face. HILARIOUS!

Here's a good illustration of the chain of command:

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