Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club meets this Thursday in Spokane, at the Perkins at Mission and Argonne, 6pm. It's a great group of people and all are welcome. In fact, we'd be absolutely THRILLED to have some more people show up. So come on down. :)

Today has been an odd day. After the third case of strep in the family I've been disinfecting everything. I hate bleach. But I broke down and bleached a lot of surfaces today, and boiled all the silverware. I hope this is the end of that nasty bug. Luckily with both of the kids we caught it early enough that they weren't even sick, other than a very minor sore throat.

I was just thinking I should ask for suggestions for names for the two horses I'm going to pick up for the Trainer's Incentive Program through the Mustang Hertiage Foundation. I am planning on geldings, not mares. Looking for catchy names, maybe western themed. Something from a western movie or TV show? Of course I won't hold it against their adopters if they change the names, and I'll probably try not to call them by names too often while they're here, but I need some sort of handle to call them by. Suggestions?

I'm off to... Well, to wonder what the heck to do with myself. Probably laundry. The weather is awful.


nikki said...

How exciting that you are doing the TIP program! I can't wait to see them!!! Do you know when you are picking them up? :D

I'll try and come up with a name or two but i'm better at names if I know the critter lol.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Certainly everyone is welcome at our meeting. You don't even have to have a mustang. Just like them. Or wonder about them.
Andrea, I have the class list done, I think. Will you be there Thursday?

Andrea said...

I'm planning on picking them up in mid-April. I can't wait!

I plan on being there. My mom wants me to stay the night up there, so I have a place to go if the roads are bad. So there shouldn't be any reason for me not to go. Unless I get sick again!