Monday, February 02, 2009

Today is my Ding-ding Dingaling's birthday. That's not really her name, but due to some strange circumstances, and the fact that the name fit, we call her that a lot. The strange circumstances: my son called her Ding-ding when he was learning to talk. I don't know why. India (full name India Anna Jones - long story) is nine years old today. She's been grey around the muzzle since we got her when she was a year old, and she keeps getting grayer, so she looks older than she is. She's a butterfly-brain when she's outside, she just runs and barks and runs and tries to fly after birds. Inside she's the most cuddly dog you've ever met. Full body snuggling is what she's all about.

What do you do for a dog's birthday anyway? I never do anything. I can't seem to make myself buy a new leash set, it's just too frivolous when I have an ugly old leash that works just fine. I didn't think ahead to get any big meaty bones or anything, although I did buy them their expensive (and to-die-for tasty) joint supplement today. I'll probably just throw her a couple extra chicken jerky strips and call it good. Actually, what I'm really considering her gift is the teeth cleaning she'll get sometime later this month. Her teeth are pretty bad and we can't put it off any longer.

Speaking of which, I paid off Tonka's vet bill today! Yay! I just hope he doesn't add to it. The abscess spot still has a hard lump approximately the size of a lima bean. I don't know if that's just scar tissue, because there is supposed to be some, or if it means there is still some infection hiding in there. I need to call my vet and see if I should take him off the antibiotics now or not. He's been on the Tetracycline now for a month, which is what my vet said to do, but then he sold me 6 bottles of meds, and I've only gone through a little over two of them. Confusing.

Did anyone pay attention to what the groundhog did today? I'll have to look it up. But I already know spring is just around the corner. My horses told me. They're starting to shed. Just a few hairs so far, but it's still a sight for winter-weary eyes.


froglander said...

I think the groundhog say 6 more weeks of winter but I agree with you, I think he's wrong. I was petting Cody last night and hair was just falling off of him.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Dingaling! (Love to say that!)

Yes, 6 more weeks of winter according to the **cough cough** groundhog. I trust your horses more.

Congrats on almost paying off the Vet Bill. You must be about the only one going to the vet nowadays. I'm doing all of my own vet care--however, I don't know how to float teeth. Doesn't look too hard--a black and decker file thingy--a bunch of grinding--feeling--wouldn't want to do it if they weren't sedated though. Ouch!

gtyyup said...

Happy Birthday Dingaling!!! Such a cute story about her name. A couple extra treats will probably do her fine ;~)

Glad to hear Tonka's doing good. I would try to get the vet to refund you on the unopened bottles of meds...sounds like someone miscalculated on the prescription!