Saturday, March 21, 2009

I wish you all could have been here! It's been quite a good time. I'm exhausted and I never want to sit in bleachers again!

Here are the results in the bidding:

Hip number, horse name, trainer name, adoption amount, placing

(I apologise in advance for my misspellings of names and gaps in information.)

1. Meg, Dave Bosen $850 3rd place
2. Flicka, Whitney Campbell, $125
3. No info (horse didn't come?)
4. Bella, Kyle Churchill, $2700 5th
5. Hooper Hannah, Keith Danielson, $175 9th place (poor girl didn't have the looks)
6. Wellinton, Cheryl Elser, $675
7. No info
8. Wild Horse Annie, Corinne Elser, $400 4th
9. Charlie, Josh Fitzgerald, $600
10. Traveller, Erin Gray (Grey?) $800
11. Chino, Scott, $1100
12. Weston, Jasmine Isen (sp?) $2000 7th place HOME with trainer
13. Robin, Erica, $825 HOME with trainer
14. No Info
15. Faith, Dawn, $1000 HOME with trainer
16. Mustang Sally, Laird, $2000 1st place
17. Miata, Becky McPeters, $1400 HOME with trainer
18. No info
19. Hope, Denise, $350
20. Visalia, Brent Rawlins, $475
21. Aspen, Kimberly Ross, $500
22. Candace, $1500, HOME with trainer
23. Kahlua, Jackie Siglow (sp?) $725 8th place
24. Atta Girl, Shelley Simmons, $625 HOME with trainer
25. Princess, Kevin Sink, $1650 10th place
26. Mini B, Cassie, $600
27, 28 No info
29. Rudy, Dave Weeding (sp?) $3500 2nd place
30. Steve Holt!, Tracey Westbury, $575, HOME with trainer
31. Malachi, $375 HOME with trainer
32. Cayuse, Janie, $5000 (trainer included a cattle dog pup with horse)
33. Dynomite's Destiny, Matt Zimmerman, $1500, 6th place.

I got lots of pics (895) but I'm going to take a nap before I go through them all and get them ready to post.


Kara said...

Yay!!!! Tracy took SteveHolt! home!!!! I look foward to following their continued progress!

nikki said...

Thanks for keeping us posted!!! And hooray that Tracey got to keep Steve Holt! :D

Linda said...

Thanks for all the updates!! Maybe when you get home you can put some names with pictures and we can see who all these horses are who brought in that much money!!! Wow!!! I thought for a second those muse be typos!!!Good for the Mustangs!!

gtyyup said...

You did such a great job keeping us all posted...thank you very much!!

Look forward to seeing your pics!

Christa said...

I'm with you on the never sitting in bleachers EVER again lol...

I am so glad Tracey was able to take SH home. It was a very emotional day for them all and for us watching. I wish I would have been able to meet you but I am sure some day I will :o) TY for keeping everyone updated you did a great job!

Jessie said...

Thanks so much for keeping all of us updated! I'm so glad Tracey got to take Steve Holt! home! It's too bad Kevin didn't get to keep Princess... I am sure she'll have a good home though.

froglander said...

I third that on the bleachers!! Need one of those handy bleacher cushions, lol. Was great meeting you today! Are you going to hang around tomorrow for the extreme cowboy race finals?

JackieB said...

Thanks for all your efforts to keep us stay-at-homes informed. Love the pictures!

I have a question I hope somebody can answer. The horse I had picked from the BLM site to root for apparently was a no-show. (Bay gelding to be trained by Janelle Hight). What happens to him now? Hope both he and the trainer are ok.

Flying Cowgirl said...

895 pics! WOW!