Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A lot of horse trainers like to make a big deal about how we're the predator and horses are the prey. I've had a couple instances lately when I realized what a pathetic predator my soft human body really is. Not a great design, unless we're holding a weapon. The first was the other day with the moose. I was walking the property, hoping to get a last look at them, but keeping in mind that I needed cover nearby in case she decided to charge. I was armed only with my camera. Of course I didn't see them again.

Tonight was really creepy. As I was walking with Scout and Tonka toward the hay out by the creek, armed only with my head light, both horses suddenly perked up and started watching the creek. I look over and see a reflection of two eyes. Something watching. Too big to be a little kitty cat. Made my heart go pitter-patter, and not in a romantic way. I hollered for it to "git outta here" and clapped real loud, and the eyes reluctantly disappeared. But I don't think it completely cleared out right away, the horses kept running around for a while. It was probably just a coyote, and I love to see those in the daytime, but night time is different...

And my dog is missing... I know she's not terrorizing the cats because they're right at the back door. I hope she's just out exploring. But this isn't like her.

Okay, on to better things. I got one post for the shelter in the ground today. Digging in the mud is no fun. You end up hefting up the same darn clump of mud 5,000 times because it sticks to your posthole digger. I did finally get it deep enough though. In the sleet, mind you. Fun. We went out to start on the second one later in the day after John got home, but we just about got hit by lightning. My son and dog were toward the top of the hill when it struck and boomed. Scared me, but it scared them worse! They sure can run! Poor Tonka was tied to the trailer and that big boom really shook him. We decided to call it a day. (Really the lightning was on the other side of the hill, but that's still too close for me!)

I think I'm gonna go call for my dog again.

She's back! What a relief.

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froglander said...

Phew! Glad to hear your dog is back, and that you didn't get struck by lightning, and that the eyes in the dark backed away and congrats on getting a hole dug in such awful sounding weather!