Friday, March 20, 2009

Results for Day One of the NW Extreme Mustang Makeover. Finally! Click on this picture for a bigger view:

I'm not able to click to enlarge that, so if you have the same problem, go here:

Here's Kevin on his Kiger Mustang, Dino, in the Extreme Cowboy Race. Boy that is one nice horse. I saw him in the stalls and he stood there calmly, with sweet eyes, not showing any of the nervousness or strange behavior a lot of the other stallions exhibited.

Here's my nifty new shirt. I love the design and colors.
Going back for the riding portion of the Makover tonight at 7:00. Wish them luck!


Linda said...

Dino's gorgeous!

gtyyup said...

Thanks again for posting!! Loved seeing the results so far.

Yes, good luck to all of them

arlene said...

Thanks so much for keeping us informed. Your doing a wonderful job. I wish I was there.

froglander said...

Where can I find you? I've managed to find Tracey and family but translating a 2D pic into a 3D person is hard :(