Thursday, April 16, 2009

I made the appointment for Bella's in-depth exam tomorrow. Heading out real early, going to a vet I've heard a lot of good about, down in Clarkston. He has the diagnostic equipment my vet doesn't have, and he has the respect of my vet, so I know we'll be in good hands. I decided against WSU for many reasons. There is one type of X-ray that can only be done at WSU, but I'm hoping we won't need that.

Wish me luck. I'm worried about what they'll find. I'm also worried that the lameness won't present itself well, since it's intermittent, and they won't be able to figure it out.

Wish me luck going down the Lewiston Grade too. I hate doing that with a trailer in tow.

Wish I had someone going with me to keep me from worrying the whole time.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck - that sort of thing can be very stressful. With luck, you'll find out something that you can do something about.

froglander said...

Good luck and have a safe trip! She looks like such a sweetie I hope he can figure it out.

Lady Of Chaos said...

I remember that hill, even though it's been 20 years since I've been down it, it was at one time a normal route for us twice a year... Don't worry too much about it, just take it slow and steady. :)

Good luck! Drive safe. I hope they do figure out what is wrong with her. I can't wait for an update.

Linda said...

Oh, I wish I had read this earlier! I imagine you're going to Dr. R--and I've used him, too--very nice guy. But I've found that for anything in this realm--take them straight to WSU or you will be paying two vet bills rather than one.

Put your truck in low gear down the hill and you should be fine. :)
It's going to be a hot one down there today.