Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well, just as I suspected, I'm going to be just fine. But I had started to get worried so I guess I'm glad I went. Although I'm sure it's going to really hurt our bank account. They wouldn't even see me at the doctor's office, they made me go to the ER. Good thing John went with me or I would have gotten stubborn and went home at that point, it made me kinda mad.

I got a doctor in the ER who praised me up and down for wearing a helmet. He said some of the worst head injuries he sees are from horseback accidents. (One good thing has come of this, my sister has worn a helmet every time she's ridden since she watched me wreck. But that'll probably change the next time she rides in front of her cowboy friends.) I did get a CT scan and there's some swelling in the back of my head but no bleeding. So the good news is I'm going to live. :)

The bad news is I'm not supposed to ride! Not until a week after all of my symptoms have passed. So you can bet I'm going to take it easy and let this heal.

The worst part of that is that I can't go on the horse camping trip with the mustang club this weekend. I've been looking forward to a ride up there by Odessa for a year!

But I am thankful. So very thankful that I can still ride once I'm healed, and that I am going to heal.


froglander said...

Glad to hear you are okay! Bummer about missing out on your camping trip. Did he say why you had to wait so long?

Andrea said...

Yeah, I can't take a chance of hitting my head again so soon. Not that I'm likely to fall on my head again, but I can't take the chance. Besides, I don't think I could wear a helmet on my poor tender head.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Am glad you went to the doctor. I could not even get on today but it should be better by tomorrow. It is good to hear that you know you will be OK in a little bit.

gtyyup said...

Andrea...I'm so glad you're ok...that's a pretty scary thing to happen. Glad you went to the Doc...but you are a lil' stubborn aren't ya? ;~)

Best to get well now so you can make all the other camp trips!