Saturday, May 16, 2009

Meet Zaz.

Isn't he cute?

So far he seems like a pretty good boy

Just look at that noble mustang head:

Zaz was adopted almost a year ago and is looking for a new home. Partially because of his size. He's a little guy, I think around 13.3, which is the same height as Scout is right now. But Zaz is 3 or so years old so he's probably not going to grow to be a big horse.

The other reason he needs a new home is that his owner thinks he's a dominant horse, and that's not exactly what she was looking for. I think he might be a lot like Tonka, constantly testing boundaries, but from what I'm told he's a little less friendly about it. He swishes his tail when he wants to dismiss the human, and has kicked out at feeding time. He doesn't really lead but he doesn't seem too worried about much, which is a good thing. I'm not starting totally from scratch and I already got to visit with him quite a bit.

So anyway, I'm going to play with him for a month and then take him to Mustang Days in Spokane. If he finds a home, that will be great. If not he can go back to his current home, which is also great, because I won't have to be responsible for him long term!


nikki said...

Wowza! He's a cutie! Do you know what herd/State he's from? I hope he finds a great new home or works out his quirks and is a good boy for his current family.

Kara said...

He's cute! Scout is really that big already? That's big for a yearling! I'm also curious which HMA he came from. Seems like he might just need more handling. It'll be fun to follow along with him! How did you come upon bringing him into your place?

Linda said...

Well, that's a bargain--for all involved! He looks sweet.