Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Friday I rode out at Melissa's place. I had forgotten my camera so I had to wait for her to email me pictures. Her mare was flauntingly flirting with my Tonka.

He seemed happy for the chance to get his lips on her, but not in the way she wanted. :) He's more of a prankster than a romantic.

Melissa's mare is named Jewel, a name that doesn't roll off the tongue easily and that she's always forgetting. It's like it isn't the right name for her. But she hasn't come up with anything else, so I think she's going to keep the name.

My sister has two equines, a horse and a mule, that I'm not sure she's settled on names for. One she calls The Paint Mare and I think the mule's name is Strider but she usually refers to him as My Mule. The Paint Mare is looking for a new home, that is, as long as Amy decides to keep Bella. She has come up with a new name for Bella that I really don't like, but it was inevitable since she had the audacity to name her dog Bella last spring. Her new name is Camria, which means "moonlight" in Swahili. I guess there was a pretty red horse with that name in Hidalgo. I wouldn't be surprised if she changes her mind several times and ends up calling Bella "The Mustang."

I didn't name Bella, and was kind of happy to let John do the naming. I'm getting to the point where it's hard for me to come up with names. It took me a while to find just the right name for Khota Tonka, my Great Friend. I also had a little bit of a hard time naming Scout, but when the name came to me I knew it was right. He was scrappy like Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.

If I'm lucky, I won't be naming any new critters for a long time. It's a big responsibility and it's hard work. For me, anyway. Names are very important to me.

This blog is inspired by Kara, who is looking for the right name for The Mare. Drop by her blog and check out her ideas or maybe leave a suggestion. That pretty mare needs a special name. I think I like Kachina a lot.

Are there special meanings behind any of your horse's names? Do you put a lot of agonizing thought into them or are you happy with something simple that describes them, like Blaze or Midnight? How many of you have to think up fancy registered names with bloodlines in them? I would have a tough time with that!


Kate said...

I did a post on my blog on April 21 on just that subject - how some of my horses over the years got their names. I love naming horses, but sometimes it takes a while for the right name to come.

arlene said...

Foxsun's registered name is
Apple Pi Foxsun Bay 104733.

The Apple Pi prefix is name of the breeding farm. His mother's name was Foxy Triton and his dad was Sunup Phaon. So the 'Fox' comes from his mum and the Sun from his dad. His maternal granddads name was Triton Bold Flash and I see the word Bold and the word Flash goes back generations to the days when the government bred them at the UVM. His great grand dad was Orcland Bold Flash. On his dads side there was Sunup Shenandoah and Sunup Mike.

When we brought him home we kept saying 'What are we going to call Foxsun?' and then it occurred to me his name WAS Foxsun! I heard it's unlucky to change a horses name.

Kara said...

We have my horse (Cody) and my parent's dog (Kodi - short for Kodiak) with the same sounding names. Somehow we are never confused about which one we are talking about...