Thursday, June 04, 2009

Not much time for anything lately... We did go on a nice ride on Monday. Melissa got a picture of me tightening my mom's cinch.

The only picture I took was of Peaches the donkey napping under some trees with the sheep.

My daughter's softball team had a great game last night. They finally won one. It was very suspenseful and exciting. Much better than watching them lose by 10 points or more.

Zaz didn't get any work yesterday. I just went in and petted him until he relaxed. The day before that I took him for a walk and let him eat some good grass, then groomed him next to the trailer. It was a windy day and he was a little jumpy in front of the house where there are lots of things to look at.

I'm not wondering anymore if there really are horses that are stubborn and willful. I watched two good examples of it in the last couple days. They're good horses most of the time, but were having a moment of "I don't want to and you can't make me." Both mares, both in heat, and both herdbound. Mostly it was the herdbound problem both times. One of them was Bella. She wasn't awful, just not being good.

The other night Bella decided she needed to get in with my sister's geldings and cleared a 5 foot fence with no room to get a running start. Not a mark on her. She must be a good jumper. So much for keeping her separate from the mare-breeding geldings until Amy is 100% certain she wants to keep her. Although from everything I've heard so far I have no reason to think she won't keep her.

Oh, I was tagged by Lea to list 6 things about me. Hmm...

1. I am very cranky lately. I didn't figure out why until yesterday. Without getting into details, I guess it comes down to the fact that I don't like not getting my way. How childish...

2. My birthday is coming! I'm going to get a really wonderful chocolate cake from Safeway.

3. My legs don't seem to tan at all, just stay fishbelly white. I hate it.

4. I'm trying to diet but all these ball games are interfering with the making of a healthy dinner. We're at the ball field every single weekday! It's crazy.

5. Troxel's Accident Replacement Program is a lie. The postal service couldn't deliver to the address they have listed. In a couple days my broken helmet will be sent back to me. The company has not replied when I tried to contact them. I think I'll buy a different brand this time. I like John's Tipperary.

6. I love thunderstorms. We're supposed to get some today and tomorrow. I hope they're right!

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