Sunday, June 21, 2009

When Scout sees me

It isn't long before he comes running!
I hope it stays that way.

He's not quite big enough for Tonka's britches yet.

Look at that adorable butt!

He definitely got his mama's long hair.
He's decided to try out people training as a hobby.

Isn't this the sweetest, most innocent face you ever saw?
Those eyes, they turn me to mush.

Tonka is still suspicious of dogs.
The weather this morning was dull but not bad. I was looking forward to an afternoon of horseplay so I didn't really do anything with the horses other than visit. Now it's pouring rain. I guess I could go trim Zaz's back feet, since we can do that inside...

Had a great lunch with 3 of the fathers in the family. Now the "boys" are off buying fireworks. They sure do love to blow things up.


Kate said...

Adorable pictures of both Scout and Tonka! Your horses are so - what's the word I'm looking for? - "there" - they really seem engaged with the world and with you.

Andrea said...

Those two are definitely very "in your face." It can be irritating. But Tonka and I have a comfort zone that we both understand. Scout still needs to learn about personal space. It's a very hard concept for him to grasp.

They're both very busy horses, always messing with something or with each other. Not the peaceful, meditative type, like Bella, but that's okay.

Kara said...

Scout is absolutely adorable!