Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yesterday I let my dad ride my horse. It was weird, handing over the reins to someone else... He's been ridden by the trainer and my sister, but that was a couple years ago. I didn't know how he'd do for someone with a totally different riding style. They did just fine.

We had a really great ride down the dirt road today. Saw the owls again. On the way back we spotted a very brave coyote. He wasn't too worried about us. Not at all like the coyotes here at home.

Trying out someone else's horse is a good way to get insight into your own horse. I just have to say I love my horse even more now. He's so willing. With Levi you have to really work to get anything done. Granted, we don't know each other well. He does fine for my sister.

Camria (Bella) riding today:

I tried a couple different bits with Tonka today, hoping he'd like one well enough not to chew on it. This is my sister's very nice bridle with a roller snaffle. He still chewed it. But my oh my doesn't he look handsome? (Yeah, I cut his nose off.)

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Linda said...

I love the video of your dad riding Tonka. I can't believe how good Tonka looks. You've done a great job with him, Andrea.