Thursday, July 02, 2009

Busy, busy day. First, a ride.

Then, housework to get ready for guests.

Then hay to gather. John got a call from the neighbors that they really needed his help, so I unloaded most of the hay here at home. I'm glad he loaded most of it, or I might not have had the stamina. I was proud of me, I stacked them all the way to the roof, using a stair system of course. John says he thinks that load was right around 60 bales. Unfortunately we only got the one load done tonight.

Liam got a picture of me making my way up the stack:
And here he is pretending to be strong enough to help. He really, really wants to help. Unfortunately his help mainly consists of getting in the way and talking constantly when I don't have the breath to reply. It's nice to have company though. And I did have him drag a few bales around on the trailer, because he just wanted to so bad.

I got the trailer back out into the field and started picking up bales, but it was getting too dewy, so instead we just hiked through all the fields and put the bales on end. Liam had a total blast helping with that. We saw a horned owl. Glad we didn't see a prickle of porcupines!

I do feel pretty prickled though! Hay and sweat... (Of course we have the hottest weather yet this summer on the days we have to pick up hay. It always seems to work that way.) I'm off to the shower!


Anonymous said...

Man, that looks like hard work! It looks like you've got a good helper in the making!

Kara said...

Looks like Bella's doing pretty well? Oh wait, what's her new name again?

How's her stifle now that she's being ridden?

Andrea said...


Yes, she's doing very well. Her new name is Camria.

I was really worried about her stifle, it had started catching even more. But then my sister called my vet and he told her not to lope her in circles in the round pen at all and to keep the circle work to a minimum. Her training has its foundation firmly in circle work, but she's changed it as much as she can. Since she's stopped doing so many circles the stifle is not catching at all. I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way.