Saturday, July 18, 2009

This morning we rode down to the farmer's market and got some overpriced lemonade. It was fun. Note our improvised lemonade holders:

Silly Tonka made faces for the camera.
Today is going to be the hottest day yet this year. Yuck. I'm going to hide in a hole. Actually, I'm thinking the hated shopping trip to the mall might be a good thing today. Air conditioning!


Kara said...

Tonka is looking very handsome. How's he doing with his bosal?

Andrea said...

He really likes it. I may not ride in a bit at all anymore. We'll see. I'm not doing anything ultra technical, but so far he responds just as well in it, if not better because he's not distracted from my body cues by his bit chewing.

froglander said...

He looks very handsome in his bosal :)

And yay for AC, sounds like a good excuse to visit a mall. Hopefully it is a good one with a decent book store!