Monday, August 03, 2009

What a day it's been. We spent the day in Spokane going from test to test. It really wears a person out, and I'm not even the one being tested. Amy said that the people were very somber after her tests, one even adamantly told her, "You cant' see that," when she tried to look at the screen. It freaked her out. They can't tell her anything, of course. We have to wait for the official test results to be given by her doctor, which should be in about 2 days.

Her chemo port will go in sometime this week, and chemo officially starts on Tuesday of next week, but really started today with an injection of a chemo drug that will kick her into menopause.

The last test of the day was the PET scan. They gave her lots of radioactive glucose in a drink and a lead-encased syringe, and she's not allowed to get too near her kids for the next 24 hours. But she was happy to have it done at 4pm, since it meant she could eat for the first time since last night.

By the time we got back my chest was all tight and I couldn't breathe very well. But we went out to love on the horses and I got to visit with Bella (Camria) and untangle her mane. It loosened me up, got the breath going again, made me feel thankful. Horse therapy is the best kind. I gave her a good itching and she really appreciated it. I love that horse. But while we visited my sister was talking over the fence with her neighbor, telling them the new news, and her neighbor was talking about someone she knew who died 2 months after finding out she had cancer. How callous, to mention that.

I can't wait to get the test results back, negative! Negative!


Della said...

It's like how some people have to tell their pregnancy horror stories to pregnant people. WHY!?!?! Why do they have to revel in the negative stuff? Tell a story about someone you know who SURVIVED! Tell your sister about my daughter's teacher, who had a mastectomy, and is now TOTALLY HEALTHY!

Call me tomorrow, k? Thought about you and Amy all day prayers/good thoughts are with both of you.

Kara said...

I'm thinking about you too, Andrea. I'm so sorry your family has to go through all this. It sure makes my worries about my own life seem so small. Thanks for putting my life into perspective!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea - people just done think before they talk.........grrrrr. Its going to be tough, you all know that but God has not tatooed on her how long she has to live. She will make it and if prayers help and I think they do, she will make it through. Love you my friend. Am so glad you are my friend.

Linda said...

I hope the tests come back better than you expect so that your sister can get on with the business of getting better!

arlene said...

I'm always really good with witty sometimes bitchy comebacks for people like the neighbor. Wish I'd have been there..I'd have made you laugh.
(I'm writing this after hearing the good news so I'm feeling jokey).