Thursday, September 03, 2009

These picures are for Lea, who got stung yesterday.

This one is out front:

This one is out back:
That's just 24 hours worth of yellowjackets! I love my yellowjacket traps! They work better than the reusable ones I've used in other years. But then, we have WAY more yellowjackets this year. I put out 3 more traps last night, and I might get one more today, to catch the ones swarming around my round pen gate. I know it sounds sick and wrong, but I love to see these things die Die DIE!

The boy dogs are going to the vet today. Huck needs his second set of shots and Angus may have a bladder infection or something. Or maybe it's just age and he needs a diaper for his little dribbles. I sure hope that's not it.

I am feeling totally un-sick or I would have cancelled my vet appointment so as not to expose them. I think I was sick, but it was mostly a lethargy and headache, plus trouble breathing at times, but I have trouble breathing anyway. So I don't know if it was swine flu, but I hope it was. Sounds like it was likely what my daughter had, so hopefully the whole family has been exposed and will be immune from here on out. I'd like to be able to see my sister again and help her out.

She had her second big chemo this past Tuesday and has been doing okay. She said she's not going to complain, because if this is what it takes to live, she's going to be thankful for it. She also got more info on the schedule of things. Turns out she may be able to have her mastectomy before they roll into the new year of insurance. They have a $10,000 deductible, so it would be nice to let that be paid out more gradually with the radiation therapy rather than all at once for the surgery.

She is being tested for the cancer gene. If it comes up positive, she'll have to have her ovaries removed as well. Also, if it's positive, I'll have to be tested, and possibly just have everything removed as a preventive measure if I'm also positive. Good thing I didn't plan on having or nursing more babies... And I've always wanted a breast reduction, although not quite this kind... I better get on with getting some health insurance.

Speaking of which, Damomma's post made me want to look at what I should be working on in myself. So today my goal is to make all the phone calls and appointments I've been putting off, and pay my bills. You could say I'll be working on my secretarial skills.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Thank you for the pictures. We have those too and last night Bob sprayed 9, yes 9 nests. Hate them, yes HATE. My sting is swollen and sore and bright red. Am glad its not visible. I hope you don't have the gene. Not something to look foreward to.

Andrea said...

I just got stung! I was minding my own business! I hate those things!

I wish I knew where all of our nests are. I haven't seen any nests, but our trees are just buzzing with the darn things.

Wild Rose Cowgirl said...

Seen these shirts and thought about you and your sister. I bought one, 100% of the proceeds goes to B.C. Research.

Andrea said...

Those are too cool! I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear one in public though... Maybe that one on top. I wish I could read what the baby onesie says. It looks like it'd be funny!

Wild Rose Cowgirl said...

The Baby one says, "I"m here for the BOOBIES" *LOL*