Friday, September 11, 2009

Well, we went and picked up the big, skinny, rawboned fella I mentioned before. Except he's not skinny anymore. And he doesn't seem near as big. But he was surrounded by young'uns at the adoption. He is good sized, don't get me wrong. But maybe not bigger than Tonka. We'll see when I get to the point where I can measure him.His name is Anchor.

No, I am not keeping him.

(Check it out, he must have really wiggled when he was branded)

I'm already wondering if I'm going to be kicking myself for talking his owners into giving him another chance, instead of just taking him as my own.
His owner really loves him though, so it's all good.
Today after hauling him home (he was very quiet in the trailer) I just worked on getting near him with the stick, and then rubbing him with it. I think I went out a total of 3 times. Maybe it was four. This isn't new progress for him, but hopefully we'll be navigating into the uncharted realm of actual skin-to-skin touch soon.

Tonka and I are going on a fun trail ride with the Mustang Club tomorrow. Can't wait. I've been dying to get out and ride somewhere for a while now.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you for being willing to try, and taking this on - good luck and keep us posted!