Friday, October 16, 2009

Anchor is such a handsome fellow.

Here we have just a touch of gore to brighten your day. My friend's horse Lyric had some stitches that needed to come out.

So I pulled them for him. Looks like the wound is healing very well! He was an angel, didn't even flinch.

Here we have Anchor learning to lead. I love the look on his face.Asking him to back for the first time. It didn't scare him as much as I thought it would.

He took a treat from my hand! I had to kind of make him keep his head in place and hold it on his lips. It took a little bit but eventually he took it. And another, and then a handful.

I stole a kiss too! I've been wanting to kiss his soft nose for a while now.
A classic Mr. Ed moment:

Things didn't go extremely smoothly today. He bolted away and got the rope stuck under his tail twice. He didn't like that. But we did manage to end on a good note, and I found out that he loves Berry Good treats. Unfortunately they're expensive and I'm out. I'll see if he likes peppermint horse treats tomorrow. I have lots of packer pellets and they work well for him, but they don't inspire him like the Berry Good treats did today.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts about Coda. It was harder than I expected, but I still believe it was the right thing and that helps.


froglander said...

You are doing so well with him!!

Kate said...

Anchor seems like such a sweet, kind horse - and he is indeed beautiful. As he gets over being afraid, I expect he'll become a willing partner.