Thursday, October 08, 2009

A few quick thoughts on Anchor. Linda asked if he'll keep his training when he goes home. I can't really say. I sure hope so. It really depends on his owners. It's going to be a huge time commitment.

Another thought based on what Linda said about having to hurry with Beautiful's training. I think everyone probably agrees that there's a happy medium. It's not good to rush faster than the horse can handle, but I also think it's not good to take your sweet time gentling a mustang. They're going to need their hooves trimmed and other routine care that you just can't give them if you don't get your work done with them. And wouldn't if be awful if they did something stupid and were really hurt and you couldn't get near them to treat them.

Again, it comes down to a huge time commitment. But all horses should be a huge time commitment. They deserve your time. Especially if they're kept in unnatural conditions (such as a stall). If they're in a herd they probably do just fine if you leave them alone, but you'll find out on farrier day or the day of the big ride whether your lack of time with them was detrimental to their training. Bottom line is, all horses need some care, which means they need some time and training. Whether you're able to worm them, trim their feet, have them treated by a vet, etc. is a direct reflection on the amount of effort and time you've put in. Who was it who said, "Show me your horse, and I'll tell you who you are," or something to that effect? Boy, I'd be nervous meeting that person. I think he's long dead though.

I'm not claiming I'm perfect. Tonka gets rude in situations where he's nervous, like at the vet's. He's fidgety most of the time. Scout still gives me some trouble at hoof trimming time. Everything is a work in progress. I'm just saying horse ownership should be seen as a responsibility, not a hobby, not just fun. Although I do think it's fun. :) And I know I'm preaching to the choir. I guess I just felt a little babbly this morning.


Linda said...

I don't think I'd want to meet that person either, Andrea!! Good saying though. Well, actually, I could tell you what my horses say about me--I love on them a lot! Whether that's good or bad depends on the eye of the beholder. :)

The reason I asked if you think it will transfer is because my horse, Cowboy has head shy issues and trust issues--he is the type of horse that makes every new owner prove themselves--from the smallest to the hardest things.

For example, when I first got him, though he'd had 120 days of professional training in his lifetime--been shown, etc--and he was 8--he would NOT let me bridle him. I talked to the two previous owners--(of 4 in all, not including me) and each of them had to start from the beginning as well--bridling lessons, etc.

For some reason, Anchor reminds me of Cowboy--so I was wondering what your take is on him....maybe you're going to have to keep him. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good points - some horses do well just being taken out of the pasture and ridden from time to time, but many take more work that that, and some take a lot of work.