Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have been unmotivated and somewhat busy lately, so Anchor has been on the back burner. Today I finally got some time with him. He's leading MUCH better now. I still wouldn't take him out for a walk, but it's possible that if I had to he would stay with me. I even got him started lunging a tiny bit. I'll have to get a video later.

He has a bellyache. I think it's just gas. Could be he's not drinking enough water, but I don't know. I'll keep a close eye on him.

I was able to get right up close to him while he was laying down, but then he decided it was too much of a risk and got up.

Here he is waiting for me to get done getting after Huckleberry, who'd gotten stuck in the round pen (where he isn't supposed to be) because his e-collar wouldn't fit under the rail he was trying to go under.
Cisco's been in the round pen since yesterday. Fencing issue... Took down the power to the barn, Scout figured it out immediately and plowed through the temporary fence keeping the horses separated, so they were all mixed together. Cisco tried to kill Soxy last time he got in with her so he's in time out now. I'll hook up my battery powered charger and move him back sometime before it gets dark. Isnt' he cute?

Is this not the saddest thing you ever saw?
Actually it bothers me more than it bothers him. He's looking at something intently, not sitting dejectedly like you'd think.

Cone-headed dog on the sledding hill.The view out my kitchen window. I love those tamaracks. Or larches. Is there a difference or do both names apply to the same type of tree?

I think I have the autumn sads. I don't like it. It's hard to get out of bed in the morning and hard to keep moving throughout the day. I haven't even wanted anything to do with the horses lately. Have to find some way to change that. I'm thinking vitamin D and maybe one of those light therapy thingies. And kicking myself in the pants to get up and get moving more. I really should quit drinking coffee but I'm not really willing to do that.


Anonymous said...

The seasonal downs are hard - I've had those before myself - good nutrition, enough sleep and making sure you spend as much time outside in the sunlight (what there is of it) as well as getting exercise and fresh air, are the best remedies. Cooking comfort foods helps too.

Hope Anchor feels better - he looks very sweet in the photos.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Grey days are a pain. Fight the same blahs. I did make myself go out today. Tough though. See you tomorrow.

Linda said...

The winter blahs are hard to beat--but they seem to go away on their own when you get sick of feeling sick! How are you liking the snow today? That should mix things up for you! Think Christmas!! Do you have a hot tub? We just got one this year so that we could enjoy the COLD rather than always wishing it away. Unfortunately, my husband had a horrible reaction to it--but I didn't! I think I'm going to go jump in right now!! Think SPLASH!