Monday, October 19, 2009

Poop. It's everywhere. This is how much Anchor has pooped while he's been here. Actually, John took one tractor bucket full away, so he's pooped more than this. He's a poop machine, even more so than the others.
What's your poop plan? Do you clean stalls daily? I try to, but don't always. Do you clean outdoor areas also, or just indoor? I should, but I don't. What do you do with it once it's cleaned up? We have a big poop pile. Someday we'll have to get rid of it somehow, but not for quite a while yet.

Scout had a swollen leg for some reason but it's better now. I cold hosed it once and then I remembered that I have these nifty ice pack inserts.

They go inside a support boot. I love them. I loved them a lot more after I came off Tonka the last time. I would lay down with one under my head and it really helped with the pain.
They don't give you the massaging action of pressurized water from the hose, but you don't have to stand there forever making mud. Apply, go do some chores, and then come back and take it off. It's great. My only wish is that they'd stay cold a little longer.
Isn't Scout getting big? He still looks like a baby but in these pictures he's shockingly stocky. Maybe fat would be a better word. I need to get this kid some exercise. (See, more poop).
Speaking of fat...
Cisco says Hi! (Even more poop.) He'd also like to tell you that he's hungry. All the time. So much so that he'll eat poop if there's nothing else to eat. Anyone know of a good treatment for that? Or a source of info on lifestyle changes for fatties? I'm pretty sure he's insulin resistant. Our mare Soxy is the same way.

Tonka says Hi too! He was a big help while I adjusted tension on the fence today.
Hope you had a wonderful day today! I did.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

I try to do it every day. So much easier on ones back but it does not always happen. I keep feeling like I need to clean up the pastures but I don't do it. Bob drags them in the spring.

froglander said...

Well, when I was living in the house that Cody was in the backyard of, since it was just one horse and he doesn't have a very big area really, it would get cleaned twice a day before I fed. And then put in a manure pile that my uncle would use for the garden. The nice thing about cleaning twice was that it never seemed like a big chore that way. But then again, it was just one horse.

Mama Rene said...

Can you spread all that wonderful poop out up on the hay fields for fertilizer? Either that or auction it off to someone who needs lots of great fertilizer. Sell it by the truckload? What does one do with all that POOP?

Linda said...

We have a big hole we push it all into. I don't get to the stalls every day, but they're in and out, so they don't get bad. They have runs off their stalls where they seem to do their business. We drag those out every so often--should probably do it more now that it's getting soggy out--it wasn't so bad last summer because they spent most of their time in the pastures or turnout. I usually take a rake around the pastures and break it all up, but they're large enough, I don't worry too much about it. Maybe I should.

That ice pack is cool! I need one.

And I don't know what to do about them eating poop when they're in the stall--I guess give them constant grass--maybe poor grass in his case-so he doesn't get fatter. You have some major FATTIES over there. What are they eating?!? I should send Beautiful to your place.

Penny said...

I only have one mini in a small yard - and boy oh boy can she produce some poop! It is quite a small yard, so I sometimes clean it twice a day. I tell her that she's so full of shit :P (Sorry about the language, but its so true!!!) It might end up in the garden... At the moment its in a pile up against a fence!

Wild Rose Cowgirl said...

Mine eat poop too. A horse trainer friend recommended a supplement, but while I fed that, they still were eating poop. I mean, after a couple months.

My theroy is, they want pasture and they want to graze. I feed them plenty of hay, they are both fat. But there are still times during the day when the hay is gone and they are nibbling poop. I think it's just boredom. It sucks.