Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I finally got his feet! It took a couple hours, but with a long cotton rope and a LOT of patience, I eventually was able to pick out Anchor's front feet. One had a folded over broken bar that was poking his frog and I was able to get that off. I may be able to trim him later. I'm also going to work on trailer loading later. He goes home tomorrow afternoon.

Soxy goes to the vet later today. We were going to go this morning but they had an emergency come up. She seems pretty comfortable so our problem isn't really an emergency. I'll update on that later. Cross your fingers for me that she doesn't require an expensive extraction! I really think it's probably not going to be a big deal. It seems like it's got to be something minor since she's able to eat pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got him as far as you did - and good luck with the tooth!

gtyyup said...

Good job on those feet! I'm sure he feels a whole bunch better too.