Thursday, November 05, 2009

I got the most awesome package in the mail today! Thank you so much to Gtyyup, who had a giveaway for her one year blogiversary, and I won! I love all of the things in this wonderful cowgirl care package. She obviously put a lot of thought into putting together such a great prize. The wonderful cowboy and cowgirl coffee cups will fit right in with my collection. A sweet iron hoofpick with a western rider and snaffle bit in silver (also right up my alley!), a cool horse head bottle opener/keychain, a western arena exercise book (I can totally use that this winter), a pink jelly groomer thingie, and a tote to put it all in. I love them all!

I apologise for my lousy picture taking. I'm feeling a little under the weather and I'm exhausted! So I did my best, which apparently isn't very good tonight.

Anchor went home tonight. He didn't load as nicely as I would have liked, but he wasn't too bad. He thought he'd just plain refuse after a while, so he got to do some work and he showed his rodeo side which I haven't had to deal with for a while now. I've never worked him as hard and fast as I did today, but I don't think I was being unfair. In the end he wouldn't take the step with me just asking, so John waved a rope behind his butt and in he went. They have a really nice big stock trailer with an escape door in the front, so I wasn't too afraid to be in front of him coaxing him in. I will add that to my list of must-haves for when I someday buy a trailer of my very own. But I want a tack room too, with space in the gooseneck area for a bed, so it can't be just a stock trailer.

I was sad to see him go, but also hopeful. I would love to hear that he's under saddle in the mountains next year.

In other news, my son needs glasses and is very excited to get them next week. My dryer is broken. I wish I could afford a few riding lessons. Coda's final vet bill came in the mail today. My puppy is all healed from his neutering. Tonka needs an attitude adjustment. The whole family is sick. My sister is miserable from her big chemo on Tuesday. Someone in my family always gets at least mildly sick after her big chemo so can't go help her out. I don't like it. Luckily her husband and my mom are there to help out.

I'm mostly just whining now, aren't I? I think I better go to bed early.


Tracey said...

Score! Congrats on that lovely win, Andrea.

I'd love to hear that Anchor is in the mountains next year as well. I hope they do well by him; it's encouraging that they kept him so long despite getting nowhere with him.

And I read on FB that the dryer is fixed. Yeah, John! Boo, laundry, though...

Anonymous said...

Whining is definitely allowed! Sometimes it helps.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Anchor and his people.

gtyyup said...

Glad your package made it there without anything broken!

We're all hoping that Anchor will get the training and life he deserves. You did right by him.