Saturday, November 28, 2009

I got to ride twice today in my new saddle and I love it. Okay, so I've said that about other saddles before, but I think I love this one even more than any of the others. It's so comfy. I finally got the stirrups right where I like them and I feel just as stable as if I was standing on the ground, no feeling that my feet are pulled forward or outward or that something just isn't right.

I think it fits Tonka. He was cranky at the arena this morning but this afternoon he was an angel when we toodled around the farm. So I think the crankiness may have been due to not being ridden for over a month, going to the arena for the first time in probably 9 months, and a little social misbehavior toward Cisco this morning. We'll see over time how he continues to do, I just hope the saddle wasn't the issue.

Oh, and John got to ride him today! I wanted him to try my saddle. He's sat on him once before but never ridden him. He loved it. Loved his backup and his light leg cues. He was fascinated by the difference when you're used to your own horse, and he thought Tonka felt very powerful. He also had a few choice words about his tallerness. He's only 15.2 1/2 but maybe he has long legs or something. It's a stretch to get up there. John's actually a lot more limber than I am, so I was happy to watch him struggle to get his foot in the stirrup. :)

Here's Tonka looking in the front door today. He thought that was fascinating.
"Pose for the camera!"
(He is so bored with this whole picture taking thing.)

"Hey Tonka! Tonka! Want a treat?"

Someone else heard the word "treat."
Those pictures don't do the saddle justice, especially on Tonka. It looks awesome. I love the way the colors of the saddle match Tonka's colors. One of these days I'll get pictures in better light.

I think my riding slump is over for the time being. I am excited to start riding again, and working with Scout. I've been soooo busy these last weeks - taking care of two farms and going to various towns every day for something or other - and I just had no drive to do anything with them. Now I can't wait to get out and ride again.


Anonymous said...

Glad your riding inspiration is back - and I'm looking forward to hearing more - the new saddle looks great!

froglander said...

I hope the saddle works for you! It looks good on Tonka :)