Monday, November 30, 2009

Some suggestions to cure a bad day - candles, kitties, cookies (I've had far too much comfort food lately) and of course a soft fluffy puppy named Huck.

Other things that helped shake off the blues, if only for a moment, were hard work:

And watching the horses kicking it up. I didn't take pictures, I just put down my hay hooks and enjoyed ths show. Cisco is FAST. Tonka is an uncoordinated doof. Scout is somewhere in between but he can really kick UP those heels. Soxy stayed out of sight, not to be drawn into such childish play. Moments later John showed up with cookies and helped unload the rest of the hay, then the kids came home and I got a big hug even though I was covered in hay.

Bright moon on a cold night, happy, hungry horses. A hot bath perhaps?

Tomorrow I think I'm going to take the day off. At least no trips to town. I'm tired of trips to town. My plans always seem to change before mid-morning though.

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Anonymous said...

Work is good, sometimes. But your day of rest (I hope) sounds like a plan!