Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just checking in. And wondering - what is with young girls and all the black eyeliner these days? (Does asking that question mean I'm getting old? Don't answer that.)

Christmas Break is awesome. I'm sleeping in until sometime in the 7:00 hour every day. I love it.

Today I got over a cold. Mostly. I felt good and was ready to do some horsework. But we went to town instead, which was also fun, and ended in a crafty evening with the kids. Then I took dinner to my sister's family and watched them play on their new Wii. I think that's how you spell that... They love it.

Lea asked, and I forgot to answer in comments. Yes, my sister got some new bad news on the cancer. I don't think it's seriously tragic news, but could mean she needs more chemo. It seems they found active cancer cells in the tissue they removed during the mastectomy. They'd been hoping to find it all neutralized by the chemo she'd done. She's been waiting for more information on what this means, which is never fun. Seems like the worst times are the times you don't know what's going to happen. Tomorrow she'll finally know more.

My grandma (my mom's mom) was in the hospital again, but is home now. I talked to her tonight and she sounded pretty feisty. She's awesome. We talked about milk cows, how I want one but can't commit. She told me how her mom got her and her four siblings through the depression in good health because they had a nice little milk cow who gave them plenty of milk.

So... Sorry for not having much in the way of horse news. No news is good news, right? They are healthy, and happy, and the boys play together quite a bit. I caught Tonka pulling Scout's tail the other day, not letting go, and they were going around and around in circles until I ducked into the other room to get my camera. Of course I returned to find them just standing there.

We have a snowstorm coming in tonight! For once I am glad for snow. John can stay home with me, and hopefully the kids can finally do some sledding. It should be a good, quiet day at home. Perhaps some good horse photo ops? I hope so.

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Linda said...

No news IS sometimes good news. I feel the same--not much to blog about these days in the horse world, but everyone's healthy! Let it snow!