Saturday, January 30, 2010

India is one lucky (and stupid) dog, eating hoof trimmings.
Good thing Cisco doesn't mind.Lea's word today is Forward. This suffices, yes?

Oooh, naughty boy all kinked up.
I rode Cisco today. It was fun, interesting, challenging, tiring, and fun. He knows more than I thought. But he's spoiled and tries to do his own thing. So far he's pretty easy to convince otherwise. It is disconcerting when you're pointing him to the left and his head is pointed to the left and his ribcage is pointed to the right and that's the way he's going. Two good thumps to the ribs and he'd be back on track though. Hopefully more practice in these low-stress situations will help him remember what to do in a more high-stress situation. He's not a bad horse, but he's been ridden mostly by people who didn't know how to ride, and I think they let him do his own thing. Not John, but before we owned him.

I have a standing desk! We took the old counter top from one of our stores and cut it down to size. It won't stay this clean. I wish it would but I have a lot of junk... I also might give in and get a chair. But I'll try not to. This will help me spend less time at the computer and maybe help my posture too. I need to figure out what else to put on the wall there.
Hope you all had a glorious Saturday, and have a great Sunday too!

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